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*in Bing Crosby’s voice* It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! It’s time to start writing your letter to Santa and going on a hunt for the perfect gifts for your loved ones. This year, like every year, we want to encourage you to find gifts that don’t cost the Earth. Supporting sustainable and […]

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Making the decision to build a sustainable wardrobe encourages consumers to be aware of how their fashion choices impact the environment, workers, and animals. So, why isn’t everyone jumping on the sustainable fashion train? Price may be one thing holding people back! Ethical and eco-friendly clothing has a reputation for being more expensive, so affordable […]

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Like its sister-brand Free People, Anthropologie is known for its boho, adventure-inspired,  elegant collections. The American brand, first opened in 1992 in Pennsylvania, now operates over 200 stores worldwide, selling a diverse range of womenswear, accessories, and furniture. Anthropologie defines itself as “a portal of discovery—a brush with what could be. A place for [women] […]

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Los Angeles based is one of those brands you can’t help but fall in love with. Since 2014, founder Rachel Temko and the team have been creating and curating flirty and effortless fashion that is as stylish as it is sustainable. This is a brand that will grab your attention with elegant and modern designs, […]

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Love Without Boundaries Foundation is an international charity whose mission is to provide hope and healing to orphaned and vulnerable children and their communities. They truly believe that every child on earth deserves love and that every child’s life counts! Love Without Boundaries ran a variety of campaigns through Bonfire

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Almost every style is timeless. That might be a bold statement to make, but most of the time, it isn’t what you’re wearing, but how you wear it. Every year, looks we thought we had done away with make a comeback, giving designers new ways of incorporating them back into the mainstream—and 2020 was no […]

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Shopping second hand or vintage is a bit like a treasure hunt. To find the hidden gems, you often have to dig, scour, examine, research, and occasionally make some wrong turns along the way. But what once required hours of sorting through racks of clothing and shelves of shoes, bags, and homewares, we now have […]

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Trying to be more conscious about what and how much you are buying is good—only purchasing sustainable clothing is even better. However, there is one thing that can’t be overlooked (and often is): the clothes that are already sitting in your closet, gathering dust. You know the ones—that old shirt you never actually liked. This […]

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On Friday the 27th of November, the world will once again fall under the Black Friday spell. Originally an American phenomenon, Black Friday and its online cousin Cyber Monday have since spread their tendrils across the globe. We want to help you avoid the hype, and embrace ethical consumerism this year and every year! Hailed […]

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