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It’s undeniable: sustainability is becoming increasingly important. More and more people are trying to reduce their impact on the planet and, as a result, a growing number of ethical and sustainable fashion brands are arising to both meet the demand and help change the fashion industry for the better. But what makes an ethical brand? […]

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It’s undeniable—our consumer choices are having a devastating impact on the planet and its inhabitants. Whether it be pollution, land clearing, unsustainable production, waste, unfair wages, or animal cruelty, there is a moral responsibility that comes with our quick or spontaneous purchases and what they mean for everyone involved in those supply chains. Maybe you’re […]

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Making the decision to build a sustainable wardrobe encourages consumers to be aware of how their fashion choices impact the environment, workers, and animals. So, why isn’t everyone jumping on the sustainable fashion train? Price may be one thing holding people back! Ethical and eco-friendly clothing has a reputation for being more expensive, so affordable […]

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In a world where social media and influencers are gaining more traction every day, trends significantly impact our shopping patterns and wardrobe choices. It’s especially easy as a teenager or young adult to fall prey to the latest craze—whether it be a pair of Urban Outfitters cargo pants or one of those Brandy Melville sweaters. […]

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Kesem is an organization that’s dedicated to supporting children impacted by a parent’s cancer, at no cost to the families. Their flagship program, Camp Kesem, operates free summer camps for children who have been impacted by a parent’s cancer. Looking to increase their fundraising efforts in 2021, Camp Kesem launched

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We saw record natural disasters, a pandemic, and social movements in 2020. In response, Bonfire and the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) have teamed up on an apparel fundraiser for Defy:Disaster, EIF’s disaster relief program. Apparel for the #IDefy Campaign is available now exclusively on Bonfire.com. Asking individuals to reflect on

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Californian online retailer Everlane is synonymous with timeless styles at affordable prices. Everlane has built its brand with the tagline ‘radical transparency’ and positioned itself as a leader in ethical practice. It says it is committed to revealing the true costs behind all of its products—from materials, to labour, to transportation. But behind the sleek […]

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Altar is a US-based boutique specialising in alternative and custom fashion, beauty products, and gifts. The brand celebrates independent manufacturers and artists from across North America, focusing on the stories that are woven into their work. Cassie Ridgway opened Altar in 2010 with less than $3000 in the bank and a night job. Cassie’s passion […]

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Everybody looks cooler in a denim jacket, it’s just a fact. And double denim has made a solid comeback in the last few years, which we love to see… unlike Justin and Britney’s questionably iconic head-to-toe denim at the 2001 MTV Awards, but we won’t talk about that. Cringe-yet-innocent fashion moments aside, denim jackets aren’t […]

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A few weeks ago we told you all about our favourite running clothes that will help you minimise your impact on the planet, people, and animals when running. And today, we’re looking at sustainable running shoes more specifically! Choosing the right running shoes is super important. Good running shoes will help soften the impact of […]

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