15 Affordable Sustainable Fashion Brands to Meet Your Budget

Making the decision to build a sustainable wardrobe encourages consumers to be aware of how their fashion choices impact the environment, workers, and animals. So, why isn’t everyone jumping on the sustainable fashion train? Price may be one thing holding people back! Ethical and eco-friendly clothing has a reputation for being more expensive, so affordable sustainable fashion brands may seem like a pipe dream.

When I first discovered sustainable fashion, I was a sophomore in college. Living on a college budget and trying to keep up with fashion trends can be challenging at the best of times, but add the eco-conscious aspect to the mix and options can be pretty limited. In order for the sustainable fashion movement to continue growing, it needs to be inclusive of all budgets.

So, how can consumers on a budget find affordable eco-friendly clothing brands? First, let’s look at why sustainable clothing tends to be more expensive in the first place.

Why is sustainable clothing typically more pricey?

Sustainable fashion is typically more expensive for a number of reasons. A notable example is the higher quality of materials being used in garments. For example, when comparing materials such as organic cotton and conventional cotton, consumers learn that organic cotton is grown without harmful pesticides. Since organic cotton uses less chemicals, this crop requires more up-keep. On top of the high quality of materials being used, ethical brands pay their farmers and employees a living wage which has to be factored into the price of the garment.

When shopping for affordable ethical fashion, beware of cheap fast fashion brands greenwashing

When looking for affordable eco-conscious fashion it’s important to keep your eyes open to greenwashing. Recently, fast fashion giants such as H&M have come out with some “conscious” clothing lines. While these brands might be using more eco-friendly materials for a few items and are considered affordable, their business model does not support sustainability. Fast fashion brands rely on consumers viewing clothes as disposable to continuously buy the next best thing and keep up with trends. This mass production causes harm to the environment, and the fast fashion brand’s eco-conscious claims can falsely lead consumers to believe they’re making a truly sustainable choice.

How to find affordable sustainable fashion

When kickstarting a conscious wardrobe, try starting with the basics. Simple swaps such as t-shirts and underwear are typically a more budget friendly place to start. Another wonderful way to celebrate eco-friendly fashion on a budget is by shopping second hand or hosting clothing swaps. However, with the recent pandemic and a lot of local thrift stores being closed, this is not an option for everyone! Luckily, there is another solution for when you must buy new. Below are 15 of the most affordable sustainable fashion brands rated ‘Good’ or ‘Great’ with a $-$$ price point in the Good On You Directory!

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