Navigating Ethical and Sustainable Fashion for Teens

In a world where social media and influencers are gaining more traction every day, trends significantly impact our shopping patterns and wardrobe choices. It’s especially easy as a teenager or young adult to fall prey to the latest craze—whether it be a pair of Urban Outfitters cargo pants or one of those Brandy Melville sweaters.

It’s not that difficult to come across your latest wardrobe addition as a teen. Influencers broadcast their outfits and shopping hauls on Instagram and YouTube, and it’s thrilling to keep up with current fashion trends. And nothing remotely troublesome crosses your mind when buying those clothes, as long as it fits the criteria: (1) it looks good, (2) it fits, and (3) it’s affordable.

But you should be adding something else to that list.

Is it ethical and sustainable? 

I know firsthand that choosing ethical fashion might seem daunting, including everything from convenience to price. But it’s not as difficult as you imagine, even if you’re a student and not exactly in the position to be buying anything at $120 apiece—which is perfectly normal!

Here are some of my tips to help guide you towards ethical fashion on a budget, with some great examples of sustainable fashion for teens!

Find ethical dupes for your favourite brands

It might seem difficult to let go of brands you typically stick to when shopping—ones like PacSun that mainly cater for teens and young adults. Thankfully, there are much better alternatives to choose from that are transparent about their labour and resource consumption. Many even fall into a similar price range!

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