Sustainable Christmas Gifts: 15 Ideas for a Green Christmas

*in Bing Crosby’s voice* It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! It’s time to start writing your letter to Santa and going on a hunt for the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

This year, like every year, we want to encourage you to find gifts that don’t cost the Earth. Supporting sustainable and ethical brands has never been more important, but it has also never been easier.

From eco-friendly stocking stuffers to conscious Secret Santa gifts, read on to discover our favourite ethical and sustainable christmas gifts!

Workshop, classes, experiences, and support:

Experiences are a great alternative to tangible objects, especially if these activities are promoting a shift to conscious consumerism or are supporting more sustainable options.

Have a look at creative classes and workshops such as pottery, cooking displays, fermentation classes, woodwork, jewellery making, and much more.

Pampering is another experience that is always well received and something that a lot of people never buy for themselves. Massages, bathhouses, saunas, or even an hour in a float tank can be great, innovative gifts.

‘Experience’ gifts are an increasingly popular option and a fun and creative way for friends and family to learn a new skill and bond. Not sure where to start? Why not buy a gift box, which allows an individual to select one of the many experiences available?

You could also give someone your time and spend it in a place they love, or a hand-written voucher for something they would appreciate. Think about giving the gift of support and encouragement of someone’s passion.

For the plant-lover in your life:

Did you know interacting with plants can make people happier, healthier, brighter, and calmer? This year, offer your loved ones a potted herb garden or a bright orchid that will give ongoing joy and beauty. And it will negate all those greenhouse gasses produced by some of the gifts you could’ve bought.

Give your time:

Consider giving the gift of a donation to a charitable cause, or even participating in one yourself. There are countless charities that offer this, from farm animals and domestic pets that need some love to endangered species.

Make your own gifts:

Handmade gifts are so meaningful—there’s nothing quite like them! Creating a gift for someone means making something special, unique, and putting something of yourself into the gift.

It could be something like an artwork, a poem, a story, a song, a knitted sweater, some DIY bath salts, candles, or even cute Christmas cookies.

Eco-friendly gifts:

If you prefer to give a more traditional and tangible gift (and know the person receiving would love that, too), then why not order them one of these sustainable christmas gifts from ‘Good’ and ‘Great’ brands?

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