The Best Sustainable Swimwear Brands

Swimwear is one of those basics that needs to check a few boxes. It needs to be comfortable, look great, and not get warped after a couple of wears and washes. While it can be tempting to grab a few new trendy bikini sets or a couple of flashy one pieces every year as the warm weather roles around, there is something to be said for supporting the best sustainable swimwear brands that create timeless, flattering, and ethically made pieces that will take you from the pool to the beach and back again.

The fabric situation for swimwear

Unfortunately, swimwear is usually made with harmful synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester, and spandex. While they are good choices in terms of practicality, they are also bad news for the planet as plastic-based materials! Then there is the issue of microfibre release when washing, which you can read more about in our helpful guide. Hint: handwashing is a go!

Luckily, these sustainable swimwear brands are stepping up and incorporating more eco-friendly materials such as ECONYL, hemp, and recycled nylon into their collections.

Read on to discover the best sustainable swimwear brands we’ve found from around the world.

USA and Canada

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